Working with the EDU Q-card is fun!

Radiant faces. Curious and inquisitive children. Using their own initiative and adopting a positive critical view of the world around them. These results make it even more worthwhile to work as a teacher and as a director of the school.

A school with an eye for quality creates these conditions for its students. But of course that doesn't just happen by itself. Because how do you know where you can improve? Where should your priorities be? How to mobilise everyone for the benefit of the children?

That is exactly what the EDU Q-card quickly and practically maps out. And it also contributes to making work more fun for the staff.
In this way, good education and measurement of progress go hand in hand.

‘The EDU Q-Card provides a truly holistic approach to assessing the quality of the school. It enables direct feedback, not only for the school, but also for other decision-makers. You can also use the modules selectively for areas that require urgent attention. The EDU Q-card is designed to be user-friendly.

With EDU Q-card you quickly get a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the school, but above all it encourages you in a positive way to make improvements. The results are very easy to interpret!’
Group feedbacks from training in Ho, Ghana


A full brochure about the EDU Q-card you can download here.