Country offices

Edukans has offices or representatives in the following countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda.

Successfully tested in seven countries

The EDU Q-card is an initiative from Edukans. The design and operation of this approach has been extensively tested in seven countries: Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Haiti, Peru, Uganda, India and Suriname.

The results of the extensive testing allowed us to conclude that the EDU Q-card is valid and reliable. We realise the necessity of continuing assessment and refinement; the preliminary research for instrument validation is still in progress.

The resource is available in four different languages: English, French, Spanish and Dutch (for Suriname).

The EDU Q-card: number of schools per country

The number of schools already working with the EDU Q-card per country:

- Ethiopia: 50 schools

- Malawi: 56 schools (from September 2019)

- Kenya: 30 schools

- Uganda: 100 schools

- Surinam: 65 schools

- Ghana: 30 schools (from September 2019)

- Peru: 40 schools

- India: 46 schools


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