Edukans’ response to COVID-19

Education crisis affects the most underprivileged children

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing extreme disruption worldwide to all essential sectors, including education. On 8 April, UNESCO reported schools are closed in 188 countries meaning almost 1.6 billion children and young people cannot attend school. For developing countries, the consequences of this global education crisis are disastrous.

Inspection and school: perfectly in sync

What is the inspector looking for in the inspection of a school? And does the school continue to meet the undertakings given during the previous inspection? Have any substantial steps forward been taken and on what basis has this assessment been based?
The EDU Q-card ensures that inspection and the school’s own practices are perfectly coordinated. Based on the agreed evaluation, the school chooses three areas for improvement that can be monitored with extra care and attention by the inspectorate.

EDUQC Worldwide

Supporting education commitment with data

Schoolklasje maakt op schoolplein muziek net buiten Huanuni.

What we stand for (our mission)

Our mission is to provide high quality education which will equip our pupils for whatever the future holds for them. We prioritise active rather than passive learning so that our pupils come to own what they are taught. This provides the solid foundation which allows them to shape their lives successfully. We believe in the power of an individual’s own talents; in skills such as critical and creative thinking to achieve solutions. And especially in the positive benefit in taking personal responsibility throughout the learning process.

What educational professionals say about the EDU Q-card

The EDU Q-card provides comprehensive and effective answers to these questions. Schools and education inspectors who are already working with EDU Q-card are very enthusiastic:

‘The EDU Q-card is a very good innovation within our system, because it helps with the supervision of the teacher, the school administration, the pupil, the parents and the entire community. It’s very important to use this system.’

Norah Kaddu, teacher, Centre Coordinating Tutor, Uganda, Nakosongola