EDU Q-card in Suriname

In Suriname Edukans works together with Stichting Onderwijs der EBGS, a Christian based Educational foundation with 65 schools in 10 districts. All 65 schools have had their first round of assessments with the EDU Q-card and are now implementing their action points.

Mrs. A. Jozefzoon, education consultant Stichting Onderwijs; about the process of the EDU Q-card including parent participation:

Mrs. A. Jozefzoon about the EDU Q-card:

‘It makes us proud in using this tool that we are able to get more involvement and information from parents. By involving them more, letting them see examples of how we interact with their children when they are in school, makes them understand better how children are learning. It creates a more positive look of our schools and on our way of teaching.’

Mrs. R. Rotsburg, schoolleader; about the three action points taken as a result of the EDU Q-card assessment.

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