Challenges at schools

Sustainable quality education. But how?

  • How do you give everyone involved influence over the quality of education?
  • How do you quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of a school?
  • How do you meet the requirements of school inspectors?

In short: How do you improve the quality of education and make it future-oriented in a sustainable way?

The EDU Q-card provides comprehensive and effective answers to these questions. Schools and education inspectors who are already working with EDU Q-card are very enthusiastic:

‘The EDU Q-card is a very good innovation within our system, because it helps with the supervision of the teacher, the school administration, the pupil, the parents and the entire community. It’s very important to use this system.’
Norah Kaddu, teacher, Centre Coordinating Tutor, Uganda, Nakosongola

‘It is very helpful, because it generates an automatic, digitalized, report that gives you opportunity to make decisions. The systematic feedback it provides enhances and complements what we were doing before.’
Sam Mbangirem, District Inspector of schools Nakasongola and Luwero Uganda.


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